Things to Check Before Hiring a Contractor


North Carolina is a non-regulated state. That means:

  1. There is no license for residential roofing.
  2. There are no permits for residential roofing
  3. There are no roofing inspectors for residential roofing
Don’t let companies try to impress you and scew your judgement by claiming to be licensed, bonded and insured
Again, its Buyer’s Beware- check the BBB, Check the references. Make sure they are local.
  1. Workman’s Compensation insurance is a law in North Carolina. The contractor must have and give you a current copy of insurance certificates “from the insurance agent” not the contractor.
  2. Hiring a contractor with no insurance is not only risky, its against the law.
  3. Injured crew members are not covered under your homeowners insurance when you hire a contractor with no insurance.
  4. The law says if you have a contractor with no workman’s comp insurance because he’s cheap, his injured crew members can sue you for damages from injuries.
  5. Homeowners have lost their homes because of having to pay large medical bills for uninsured crew member.