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CRS is a roof replacement specialist and is proud to be the local residential roofing company of choice in the Central and Eastern areas for over 45 years! We are an A+ accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with top factory certifications that leave our homeowners with peace of mind long after the roof is complete.

At CRS, we offer exceptional service and provide factory-backed extended shingle warranties. Most importantly, this transforms a typical prorated limited lifetime shingle to 100% non-prorated 50 year coverage with unlimited wind rating. We offer a wide selection of roofing products and services along with financing options to fit any home budget. Whether it’s replacing leaking pipe boots or adding skylights that welcome natural light into your home, we offer multiple solutions under one roof. Therefore, when looking for qualified roofing contractors, look no further than CRS.

  • A+ BBB Rating for over 25 years
  • 100% non-prorated 50 year shingle coverage
  • Wide selection of roofing products and services
  • Financing options

There are many roofing companies to choose from, and we know it can be difficult to know who to choose – especially when you have folks knocking on your door telling you about potential issues ESPECIALLY after terrible storms and hurricanes that frequently occur here in North Carolina. Ultimately you want to choose a roof replacement company that is reputable, reliable and won’t leave town as soon as the job is done. Consolidate Roofing Systems not only is an established company in the Triangle with hundreds of satisfied customers, we have a detailed and finely tuned process that only comes with decades of experience. Learn more about our process below and call us if you want to get a free estimate!

The CRS 25 Step Roofing Process

  • 01

    Driveway Tarp

    Placed on the driveway under trailer or dumpster to catch debris and nails preventing possible tire puncture.
  • 02


    Combination of 2 x 4 and 1′ tall strip of plywood to catch all tear off material and act as safety catch for crew along lower edge of roof.
  • 03

    Shrubery Cover and Tarp Protection

    First a tarp is placed along tear off area up to the base of shrubbery. A second tarp is attached at eve over shrubbery to allow air flow and protection from falling debris.
  • 04

    Landing Area

    Tarp an area below the roof where there is no landscape to damage, if we are unable to throw shingles directly into dumpster or trailer.
  • 05

    100% Felt Removal

    Allows deck to air out and have all wood checked for damage and rot. CRS installs synthetic underlayment that is superior to the industry standard 15 or 30 pound felt paper which will dry rot.
  • 06

    Replace Bad Decking

    Replacing bad decking insures that all nails have a secure place to avoid shingle blow off and void the manufactures warranty.
  • 07

    Old Nails Removal

    Prevents old nails from backing out causing punctures and puckers on new shingles.
  • 08

    Aluminum Drip Edge

    The drip edge is installed to keep shingle overhang straight and push water away form the wood facia. The use of the Aluminum is to eliminate future rust. The Drip Edge is black baked on enamel paint.
  • 09

    Apply Synthetic Over Plywood

    Apply synthetic over plywood. This is preferred over tarpaper since humidity will dry rot the paper allowing water to reach the plywood causing wood rot.
  • 10

    Starter Shingle

    The use of the shorter shingle around the home helps secure the first shingle down in high wind preventing blow off. Using a factory starter is critical for the location of the seal strip.
  • 11

    Layout Course Line

    This is done on every row of shingle to insure distance between each course is correct to help prevent leakage.
  • 12


    Install ice and water shield in ALL transitions. Water backs up under shingle at transition and this prevents leakage.
  • 13

    Pipe Collars

    Always replace. The neck is rubber and has a chance of leaking. We double protect the collar with a cap to help block out UV rays.
  • 14

    Vent Cover

    Normally used as as cover for the bath and kitchen exhaust fans. Animals like to build nests in them so we replace to prevent fire hazard.
  • 15

    6 Nails per Shingles

    We install 6 nails to insure blow off protection for wind warranty. The manufacturer details where to place each nail.
  • 16

    Soffit for Intake Vents

    This is 1/2 of the total ventilation system. Make sure insulation is pulled off the top of the soffit area in attic.
  • 17

    Exhaust Vent (Power Fans, Ridge Vents)

    All exhaust vents must meet FHA Standards for area covered to move the heat and moisture out of the attic, this extending the warranty.
  • 18


    The #1 problem area for improper flashing installation. Always grind a 1″ groove into brick, wrap chimney base with Ice and Water Shield and install oversized new step flashing. Then bend the counter flashing metal into the brick joint. We always use copper or baked on enamel HD Aluminum. We never use galvanized metal and spray paint like some.
  • 19


    The frame is wrapped in Weather Watch. All step flashing replaced. This double coverage will insure skylight against leakage.
  • 20

    Daily CleanUp

    Clean up is maintained all day during job to ensure job site is clean and safe.
  • 21

    Roof Clean Up

    Run magnets over roof at completion to remove nails that may be loose on the roof. Later people walking on the roof will not puncture new shingle.
  • 22

    Gutter Clean Out

    All gutters & down spouts are cleaned & washed to ensure proper removal of water when rain comes.
  • 23

    Ground Clean Up

    All job site debris is picked up & the grounds are raked as necessary with a magnet sweep in plant beds & grass areas to pick up nails & metal missed by the human eye.
  • 24

    50 year non-prorated All Inclusive Warranty

    Each of the CRS Roof Installs receives a golden pledge warranty, giving a 100% All inclusive 50 Year warranty.
  • 25

    Workmanship Warranty

    100% for 25 years covered by the shingle manufacturer with a Golden Pledge warranty.