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We’ve proudly been specializing in residential re-roofing for over 30 years! For over 25 of those years, we have had an A+ accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. Therefore, when looking for qualified roofing contractors, look no further than CRS.

Do you have a roofing emergency? At CRS we help you get the most out of your roof with our Roof Repair division. Our expert technicians perform roof repair that can extend the life of your roof.

Our 1, 2 and 3 year maintenance programs offer flexibility with peace of mind knowing that our professional roof technicians can assess and maintain your roof each year with optional gutter cleaning services as well.

The older your home is the more you can benefit from adding new insulation. New insulation technology makes today’s insulation the most cost effective way to lower energy consumption as well as drastically reducing how much it costs to heat and cool your home.

As a certified Gutter Guard installer, we offer Raindrop Gutter Guard installation to prevent that from happening, which keeps your roof and home from getting damaged.

Looking to buy or sell a home and are concerned about the roof? Our experts can inspect your roof to proactively identify potential roofing problems. This helps you find ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home’s insulation and roof ventilation.

We also offer an additional service to clean your gutters that prevents unnecessary damage to your home. The gutter cleaning fee is based on the linear feet of your gutters.

roof replacement, roofing repair, roof maintenance, roofing inspections and gutter cleaning
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roof replacement, roofing repair, roof maintenance, roofing inspections and gutter cleaning
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Consolidated Roofing Systems,
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Raleigh, Durham and surrounding Triangle areas of NC.
Residential roofing contractors proudly serving the Raleigh-Durham and surrounding triangle areas for over 30 years as a A+ accredited member of the BBB.